How Does It Work?

The Weedsteamer is specially designed to create super-heated
water and wet steam which destroy weeds on contact. The steam
rapidly raises the temperature of water held within plant cells
causing them to expand, destroying the cell wall structure, an
effect known as plasmolysis. The result is total and immediate
destruction of soft tissue.

The targeted weeds wilt immediately and brown off within
1-3 days and decompose into the soil adding to soil humus.


"Measuring 7ft long (2134mm) x 4ft wide (1219mm) x 4ft 4” high
x (1321mm) and weighs 770lb (350 kg). It’s small enough to fit on
the back of a pick-up, or trailer."
The burner is fuelled with diesel or Bio Diesel.
The Weedtechnics is extremely versatile and can operate a
range of applicator heads, the Versitech heads for urban and
spot weeding. The Rowtech steam domes available in 1’3”
(450mm) or 2’ (600mm) diameters suitable for roadside edges.

* Weedsteamers is the sole Greater Melbourne licencee for Weedtechnics