Leichhardt Municipal Council has used non toxic weed control throughout our streets, footpaths and parks since 1995
We have had the experience of working with and also trialling a range of thermal treatments. I have found the Steamwand machines, developed and used by Weedtechnics, to be the most effective available.
The Weedtechnics service team have also proven to be the most reliable contractors we have employed for this service. Since Weedtechnics took over the weed management our caller complaint level, regarding weeds in streets, has dropped significantly, saving our staff work and time in managing weed complaints.
Weedtechnics provide regular communication, efficient delivery of service and are responsive to any requests we have. Their operational systems provide a non toxic weed control solution that should be considered by any municipality or city looking to reduce its chemical usage.

Leichhardt Council,
Vince Cusumano, Manager
Parks & Streetscapes


The City of Fremantle has used non chemical weed control for a number of years now and Weedtechnics has been the successful tenderer for the past 3 years. The City has had experience with a number of machines with limited success until the Weedtechnics
range was brought to Western Australia.
Their portable units have provided the city with the flexibility and convenience of weed control throughout the year regardless of conditions with minimal disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow. The great advantage for the city is the positive feedback we receive from the community because we are not applying chemicals to our streetscapes which border the
ocean and the river and also our complaint levels have dropped to a point where we have not received a complaint for over a year now.

City of Fremantle,
Dion Johnson,
Works Controller Parks and Landscape


* Weedsteamers is the sole Greater Melbourne licencee for Weedtechnics